Well Known for Addiction Relief, The Hitt Wellness Center in Tijuana


“The future of medication will be boosting the body’s possess therapeutic powers. We are by now there.” Jane Hitt

The clinic is the outgrowth of a Earth Health Group grant given to its founder, the late researcher Dr. William Hitt and renowned Mexican Psychiatrist Dr. Velazquez Suarez. The grant allowed Dr. Hitt to carry on his revolutionary and modern do the job into the enhancement of an all pure procedure to detoxify, cleanse and prevent cravings in the mind of these folks addicted to drugs and alcoholic beverages.

The clinic has garnered substantially acclaim and has been featured on many tv and radio displays in Mexico, the Usa, and all over the planet. Information of its successes has aired on just about every continent. As a outcome of this reputation the clinic gets sufferers from all in excess of the world.

The clinic has helped individuals with all kinds of addictions from alcohol and cigarettes, to the a lot more severe these kinds of as heroin and crystal meth. I requested Mrs. Hitt about recidivism and she advised me they have virtually none.

The method for detoxing takes from five to ten days and there are no cravings just after completion. She pointed out two younger men who arrived in together with critical addictions to medications. Just one of them, named Barnaby, did a YouTube video clip extolling the virtues of the clinic which he credits with conserving his lifestyle. He experienced tried several other methods to detoxify and get off medication, was down to ninety eight pounds and wanting for a resolution. The video clip can be accessed below. Aside from his testimony, there are very clear descriptions of complications with remedies.


In excess of the yrs the clinic has treated lots of properly regarded stars for a vast range of health and wellness concerns. Bestselling authors, movie producers, actors, comedians, musicians, and award winning movie composers have all located their way to the Hitt Wellness Centre. Curiously several US medical professionals and pioneers in the Health Food items Revolution are by themselves ongoing people at the clinic.

The dependancy program aids to rebalance the neurotransmitters in the mind which have been harmed by drug use. Persons arrive from all in excess of the entire world, but specifically California, to take this treatment method. People can stay within just the Grand Hotel advanced exactly where the clinic is located. The Hitt Middle is a very well well balanced, scientific, breakthrough choice healthcare facility. They have been featured on Excess, a method in England for the BBC. It was at previous individual urgings that this center and their systems were found by the media.

Chelation remedy is also out there to remove large metals from the blood. A different popular therapy aids persons with allergy symptoms, some with extreme allergy symptoms that is an antigen receptor vaccine. Ozone therapy helps people today with killing nucleic cells to assist prevent secondary cancers. Lyme condition is also treated right here.

From the wellness middle web-site:

“How is ozone oxidation practical for ill individuals? Your cells have antioxidants to shield you from the organic oxidation that happens when you burn off the oxygen you breathe, so they are not harmed by the oxidation of appropriately organized ozone. On the other hand, viruses do not have anti-oxidants since they do not use oxygen to reside as our cells do. So when the ozone arrives in get hold of with viruses, they are quickly killed. This is effective for all viruses, from the popular cold to shingles, hepatitis C and HIV. And because ozone breaks down into standard O2, it is incredibly secure for patients of any age or issue.”

Absolutely everyone is screened with a six page questionnaire just before coming to the clinic for an interview. Individuals who can’t be served are turned away, fairly than acquiring their dollars taken needlessly. Perform is completed in symbiosis with the health care group, and physicians conduct the treatment options. For instance, if a patient has had a tumor removed that was cancerous in the states and will come to the clinic, this would be a excellent applicant for ozone therapy which is widely applied in Europe.

To contact the heart for additional facts take a look at their web page at:


Or contact by cellular phone at 800-825-2961
From Mexico: 664-683-1788

Source by Susan A Mahalick

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